Personal Styling

Personal Styling

Welcome to the next phase of your stylish life.  You are here for a reason and I am going to help you take style into your own hands.  I will walk you through my proven step by step programs and help you find your personal style, detox your closet, build a wardrobe that fits your goals and lifestyle, make the most of your shopping budget, teach  you how to choose items that make you look your very best, and finally show you how to make your first 15 seconds your best 15...


Platinum Package $350

  • A personal style profile
  • Determine your personal style goal(s)
  • Discover your body type
  • A closet scan will show you the best clothing styles/fashions to suit your lifestyle
  • Learn how to maximize your existing wardrobe
  • Have outfits curated by the stylist
  • Receive a look book album including a shopping list of pieces to complete your wardrobe, including staples
Platinum Package

Gold Package $200

  • A personal style profile
  • Find out which staple pieces are a must have
  • Your stylist will start a plan to find the fashions you want and need.  May include a list of wardrobe staples
  • Shopping can be done at stores that meet your budget
  • Set a date to go on a shopping trip with your stylist
  • Outfits/apparel will be pulled before our arrival to the stores, for you to try on 
Gold Package

Silver Package $150

  • A personal style profile
  • Discover your body type
  • We'll give you a show and tell on the most flattering clothing types for your figure
  • Learn about style for your lifestyle
  • Discuss the latest trends and find out how to incorporate them
  • Ask and get answers to your what to wear/how to dress concerns
  • Receive a budget conscious shopping list plus store referrals
Silver Package


A one-on-one consultation appointment with Sarah will be held at either via email/telephone or the Clients home to clearly define the client’s goals and requirements, covering all aesthetic elements of style. Sarah will take all measurements and personal details for your Style file, and will discuss with you all financial elements of the service you desire. 

Body Type

Stop saying the phrase “Nothing ever fits me!”  Everyone feel like they should have the hour glass shape.   Well in reality its only less than 10 percent of women in this world who actually have this type of body.    It’s very upsetting to hear women complain about their bodies, when in reality they are only an outfit away from loving their body type.  Yes your wardrobe is defeating you and Im here to help you change your thought process.    Learning how to dress for your body type will help you take control of the way you look and your relationship with fashion.

Personal Style Type

Your Personal Style is what turns heads and gets you noticed. From the plain Jane girl next door to the artsy, sensual, eclectic pop singer, how you dress tells people who you really are.  So what are you?  Casual Eclectic? Sensual Siren? Dramatic Sophisticate? Sporty Vixen? Etc?  There are dozens of different professional, active, sensual and creative styles which stand alone or blend with others that create your unique look. In this quiz there are over 50 Style Expression Categories.  Take our Quiz to discover your unique style and how to shop for your look.  It 's fast, it's fun, and best of all, you'll learn how to:        

·         Recognize the positives and pitfalls of your style

·         Discover the psychological impression of your appearance

·         Learn what celebrities and designers share your style



This serve allows me to provide input on a client's self styled look in the event that the client is hesitant or doubtful about a particular look or hesitant about including an item choice in an outfit.



This service is one of my clients' favorites! Receive styling advice and recommendations on an as-needed basis. You have on-demand access to me through phone calls, video chat, texts, and/or emails. This is extremely helpful when you need style advice on the go.

Note: This service is not inclusive of in-person consultations.

  • Monthly fee of $ 30 (12 month package).
  • Monthly fee of $35 (6 month package).
  • Monthly fee of $45 (month-to-month).